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   Gari Chapidze- the rector of the Georgian-Ukrainian Institute of Social Relations and the founder of the Academic City of Rustavi, the chairman of Iakob Gogebashvili Teachers’ Union.He graduated from the university in Moscow. At various times, he had very responsible positions in Georgia as well as in a number of different foreign countries.At present he is the member of the International Federation of Journalists. He is also the professor, the president of the International Academy of Georgia, academician of the National Academy of Georgia. The academician of  „Kaldea”-Georgian Academy of Writers, Scientists and Public Figures.Gari Chapidze is the founder of the School of Effective Thinking in Georgia, the honorary professor of the National University of Athens (Greece), The member of the Adam Smith’s Academy (USA), the professor of Lincoln University (USA), the academician of the International HR Academy (Ukraine), the rector of Chernigov International Institute of Personnel Policy, the academician of the Academy of Sciences – “Pazisi”. The Institute of the International Politics and Government (Philadelphia, USA) is named after Gari Chapidze.He is also a member of the Georgian writers union. He is the editor of the “Chiraghdani” newspaper, the main editor of the journal “School and life”, the chairman of  Galaktion Tabidze Literary union, the directorof the consulting center of Polish International Intelligence University in Rustavi. Within the framework of the International Festival of Youth and Students “духовні джерела”, a scientific prize named after Gari Chapidze was established,  which is annually given to the leading specialists of the scientific field. Gari Chapidze is the author of about 100 novels and more than 90 scientific books translated and published in many languages. He is the first creator of Georgian – Ukrainian Dictionary and the author of more than 20 dictionaries. He has received different rewards such as Ilia chavchavadze, Akaki Tsereteli, Galaktion Tabidze, Iakon Gogebashvili, Davit Guramishvili, Vasil Sukhomlinski, Micola Dubin prize and medals. He’s also received the medals of “Georgia-Ukraine Friendship”, “Georgia-Moldova Friendship”, “Georgia-Kazakhstan Friendship”, Georgia-Italy Friendship”, “Georgia – Belarus Friendship”,  “Georgia – Greece Friendship”. He was awarded for his achievements and contributions in the international science. He is decorated with the “Order of the Orthodox Golden Cross of St. George”, „Golden Order of Freedom of the United States“, „Order of Patriot of Ukraine“ and the“ Order of the Golden Star“, „Order of the center of Education and Science of Ukraine“, „Platinum Gold medal“ and the „Order of Honor“.




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